The Voices from Beyond

Most of you know that I did a movie last year in Chicago, IL, June 2013 with Producer/Director Tony DeGuide, Starring Mickey Rooney. This movie is called “The Voices From Beyond.” It is an “Academy Award Winner” (Thanks to Mickey Rooney), and it is coming soon to Theaters! R.I.P. Mickey Rooney, you will NEVER be […]

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Beyond The Shadows, The Real Cristal Catalina

This story was written about me from the Author Prince Vega who owns He saw my struggles, my pain, and my hurt. I was bullied and bashed over a silly contest that words could not describe. My name was slandered, harassed and defamation of character was used against me. Prince Vega could argue that […]

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Bomb Shell Beauty

I was approached to become an Official Bomb Shell Beauty which is known to be one of the HOTTEST women in the world.

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