bio-picWelcome to, “CRISTAL CATALINA’S LIFE IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA!!!” I am a full time published traveling model who loves to create beautiful, sexy and over the top images. Those of you who I have worked with and who knows me will say that my attitude, emotions and personality comes out in my pictures. I am easy to work with, but at the same time I keep things professional. I am dedicated 110% to my successes. My goal is to capture the moment and to make that moment special. Modeling is my escape from reality. It is my true passion and my therapy! One of my favorite mottos that I have learned to live by is, “Turn your dreams into reality.” I have experienced that what you dream to achieve can be REALITY. *wink wink


I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, so I am a true Floridian at heart. I am proud of where I am from because it has made me into the person that I am today. Most people think I am full blooded Spanish or Italian, but I am mixed with Cherokee Indian, Spaniard and German. I have been modeling since the age of 13. My grandmother was the person who introduced modeling as an interest. I was not intrigued with modeling at first because I had interest in other things. After experiencing her death, I pursued modeling in remembrance of her as well as a fascinate hobby. Modeling was no longer a hobby and became an actual career when I turned 18. Now, modeling is my full time job!


What type of modeling do I do? I have experienced with every style of modeling, but the type of modeling that I currently specialize in is glamour. There are a variety of glamour modeling that I pursue such as beauty, hair, makeup, bikini, lingerie, fashion, editorial, pinup, implied, artistic/nude and playboy style nudes. I will work events, workshops, tradeshows and promotions as a spokes model and/or brand ambassador. To give you an idea, some events that I have worked are with cars/bikes, fitness, skincare/makeup, hair/beauty, clothing, wine/liquor, bridal, fashion, etc.


What else do I do besides modeling? I love to travel, play and watch sports such as softball (starting catcher, shortstop), volleyball, football (quarterback, SS), basketball, tennis, soccer, martial arts/UFC and wrestling. I am a BIG animal lover! I love the beach and being by water, nature, mountains and fishing. I love to cook all types of delicious meals. Music calms my soul and writing helps to navigate the feelings of the unknown. Reading takes me into its own reality. I love dancing because it helps to sort out any type of frustration.


I am not just made of beauty, I have brains too! I have a strong desire and passion to help and save lives. I have an educational background in the medical field. I specialize in Plastic/Reconstructive surgery and Dermatology. I am a licensed medical Aesthetician and Laserologist. In the future, I plan to finish my BSN in Nursing and then graduate with my Nurse practitioner license.


Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you keep coming back to get to know your favorite model better. =)


Much love,


Cristal Catalina xoxo
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